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Entry #4


2012-04-10 11:55:08 by LousyBum

Windows movie maker is being a big bitch right now, it won't save the movie file for review, which means it isn't going to save in the future when it's done. I have no idea what i'm gonna do about it, but i'm gonna try and figure this out. Completion has been delayed to the remainder of this month.


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2012-04-10 12:29:49

Stop being such a LousyBum and take it to a professional!

LousyBum responds:

Well if i had money, i would get flash. I am just using whatever is at my disposal at the moment.

That however is Windows Movie Maker.

I have also come to figure that the reason the file won't save is because the file is 30 frames per second. that's alot for WMM. This means i am going to have to get rid of the detailed mouth movement I had planned and restore it back to it's flappy mouth stature...

I hope to have a completed project soon.