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2012-03-31 03:31:38 by LousyBum

I just now found out about Edd Gould.
One of the most, funniest, greatest animators of Newgrounds...
I know i'm not a big contributor to the site... i don't animate... i havn't even posted anything besides my ghetto cartoons that i havn't even made with flash and my few audio submissions.

I mean.. i don't really feel like i have much say. I don't know the respect within the process of flash. Edd was a respected artist, bright, funny, man.

He was one of the one's that allways made me go "awww, i want flash, i wanna start my own stuff like edd.."

You know i saw a video on youtube about Edd having cancer...Him fighting it and what not. I assumed it was some sort of joke...

But now... I assume he's really gone.

There goes one of the greats...

KawaiiPirahna, if you ever read this, you're a good kid. I admire the heroism you see in Edd and i wish you the best with your animations.

One last message for Edd...

Godspeed, and may you land safely where ever the next world takes you... We miss you.

-Skyler Lee Stowe


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